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Precision engineered lenses

At Taank Optometrists our expertise carries through from the testing room to the dispensing area. We offer a conscientious service at every stage of the process, with highly qualified Dispensing Opticians able to advise on and select the most effective lens type to ensure our patients achieve the optimum level of vision. Detailed facial measurements are taken and specific frame selections made to allow lens technology to work to its full effect.

We recommend a range of German manufactured lenses for both single vision and varifocal requirements, giving you the best technology and comfort available. The award-winning Impression® range of lenses provide an individual solution to your optical needs, with exceptional clarity and field of vision as key benefits.

Impression® Mono offers an attractive lens option, but also provides optimum vision for all prescription types. The individual matching to your vision demands guarantees sharp vision up to the edge of your spectacles. The Impression® Mono lenses are characterised by high durability despite the thin and light material - so that rimless frames can be a reliable choice. This lens technology is also available as part of the sports vision range.

The Impression Mono® lens - winner of the Silmo d'Or 2006 award for innovation - offers perfect vision comfort for single-vision requirements. Described as a top single-vision lens, as individual as its wearer, it offers:

• sharp vision up to the edge
• extremely light and thin
• high durability

The Impression FreeSign® progressive lens is also highly innovative in its design and offers a tailor-made solution for varifocal requirements. Due to the perfect coordination with a carefully-selected frame, the lenses are optimally thin and aesthetic.This lens choice offers:

• large, needs-orientated visual zones
• provides relief for the eyes and cervical spine
• more performance from morning to night
• optimum vision and wearing comfort

For seeing at short and medium distances, reading or progressive spectacles are often not enough so looking at the computer screen or reading music can be problematic. With reading spectacles, you can only see clearly at distances of up to 40cm. Although progressive lenses make it possible to see clearly at all distances, the long distance area is quite large while the visual areas for near and medium distances are somewhat constricted.

Ergo® near comfort lenses offer large visual areas and fatigue-free vision through careful alignment within the frame to encourage natural head and body posture. The highlight of this product group is the complete, individual Impression Ergo FS® lens. It takes 4 individual vision parameters into consideration and can be matched to your personal visual requirements. You can look forward to the greatest possible comfort when selecting this range of lenses.

Find out more about lens technology below...

Thinner and lighter
Thinner and lighter

Advanced lens technology and higher density materials benefit all prescriptions in producing thinner and lighter lenses resulting in increased comfort.

Anti–reflection coatings
Anti–reflection coatings

This coating has many advantages including:

  • reduction of glare from oncoming headlights while driving at night
  • more transparent spectacle lenses as a result of less light reflection off the lens surface
  • less glare from computer screens which increases comfort and reduces asthenopic symptoms

Scratch resistant coating
Scratch resistant coating

All our lenses are provided with this hard coating to increase durability and minimise the build up of scratches.

Photochromic Lenses
Photochromic Lenses

Light sensitive lenses allow complete convenience as they darken in the sun and lighten indoors providing full UV protection. Available in a choice of grey or brown tint, they are an ideal solution for those who are sensitive to glare.

Polarised lenses
Polarised lenses

These lenses are designed to increase comfort by eliminating glare produced as a result of reflections from bright surfaces eg. Wet roads, car windscreens, water and snow. They are perfect for all water sports and skiing. Polarised lenses offer full UV protection and are available in single vision, bifocal and varifocal form.

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