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Using state of the art technology

A clear focus on your eye health

We invite you to come in for a no-obligation discussion of your eyecare requirements with us, and to check if an eye examination is needed. A regular eye test is an important part of your healthcare programme. Normally, you should seek to be examined every two years, or more frequently if advised by an Optometrist. During the formative years, it is advisable for children to have an examination once a year. This is FREE for children under 16 or under 18 and in full-time education.

NHS sight tests are also free for everyone aged 60 and over. Sight tests are vitally important because they are more than just a test to see whether you need glasses. They can detect a number of conditions at an early stage when they can still be effectively treated. Please make an appointment to find out more.

In safe hands
In safe hands

Anjana Taank BSc (Hons) MCOptom, continues the traditional practice values of offering all her patients a high quality, independent and personal eyecare service. Anjana has invaluable and extensive experience in a range of optical environments including the hospital eye service and voluntary work abroad.

Other requirements
Other requirements

Additional services such as Humphrey visual field testing, Gonioscopy, Pachymetry, Goldman applanation tonometry, keratometry and bio-microscopy are performed as necessary. The options relating to your spectacle or contact lens needs are discussed at the end of the examination, based on your lifestyle and other specific requirements, to ensure an optimum result and your complete satisfaction.

Taank Optometrists operates a corporate eyecare scheme for VDU testing and offers employees a very wide choice of frames or contact lenses. We also accept Eye Care Vouchers if these are issued by your employer. Please contact us for further details about our various corporate eyecare schemes.

Retinal screening
Retinal screening

At Taank Optometrists, we care about the health of your eyes. For this reason we now offer a new way to screen for potentially serious conditions that can affect not only your eyes but your overall wellbeing. Using our state of the art retinal camera, we can take a digital image of the back of your eye.

This technology provides a very thorough and simple way of assessing your eyes’ health and makes it easier to detect subtle conditions which might affect the eyes. It also allows us to quickly diagnose a number of common eye conditions including diabetes, glaucoma, and age-related macular degeneration. This scan is non-invasive, simple and quick. The image will be stored so that any changes to the condition of your retina can be monitored with every eye test. Retinal Photography is available to everyone and at Taank Optometrists, we recommend retinal photography to all of our patients.

Digital Retinal photography is available at a supplementary charge to NHS patients.

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Eye Examination

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Eye Examination

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What's involved?

  • detailed history taken to highlight potential problems
  • internal and external structures of your eye thoroughly examined
  • your prescription assessed in detail to ensure excellent vision
  • additional retinal screening if required

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